4 Tips for Successfully Managing a Virtual Workforce

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4 Tips for Successfully Managing a Virtual Workforce

"The average office worker commute time for professionals is just over 25 minutes, or nearly an hour a day. Add to that the time spent getting ready at home, plus more time “settling in” at the office before work even begins. What a waste! This is a lot of excess time that could be spent doing productive and cost-effective tasks. In addition to time, there are more hidden costs involved like the upkeep of commuting (car maintenance) and keeping a professional wardrobe (dry cleaning).

Many companies and organisations have begun tallying a figure on the toll taken for commuting to traditional office environments and its effect on productivity benchmarks. In the past decade alone, there has been a 103 percent spike in virtual workforces, and 44 percent of companies report that they are looking to increase their remote staff. Remote workforces are becoming a trend, as employers are beginning to see the positive impact virtual employees can have on a company and its bottom line!".

Read the full article here. Are you a business owner? What are your thoughts on this? Does this ring true within your workplace?

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